damn good popcorn

  • popcorn kernels
  • vegetable oil for poppin'
  • olive oil
  • zest of 1 lemon
  • parmesan cheese
  • oregano (dried works, fresh is better!)

WARNING: if served as an appetizer, this will spoil your dinner

Make the popcorn on the stove. I usually put 2tbsp of vegetable oil in a pot over high heat, and add three kernels. Once those pop, add the rest of the kernels, usually enough to cover the bottom of the pot. Shake the pot while the kernels pop, so they don't burn. When you have 3seconds between pops, take it off the heat. It's done!

Make the dressing: combine 1/4 cup olive oil (at least, more if you made a ton), lemon zest, and oregano.

In a large bowl, add a third of the popcorn, and pour 1/3 of the dressing over that. Mix well. Add another third of each, and mix again, and so on. Then season well with salt and paper, again in a few batches-- season, mix, season, mix, taste, season more if necessary.

Sprinkle with cheese and mix that in too. 

Enjoy!! Requires napkins.