Sourdough from Cloe

500g flour 4 cups
375g water 1.5cups
-cover with plastic wrap
-Wait 30 minutes
100g starter .5cups
-Pinch into flour/water
10g salt 2tsp
-sprinkle on top
25g water 5tsp
-pour on top
-pinch into dough
-slap n fold 5 minutes
-place in lightly greased casserole pan or plastic tub cover with plastic put in oven OFF
-every 30 minutes fold dough
     -scoop hand beneath dough and ribbon it onto itself x2
-8 turns total 
-place dough on unfloured counter 
-turn dough into circle 
-cover with clean towel and let sit for 10 minutes
-cover counter above dough with flour and flip dough onto the flour
-flatten and fold bottom up, sides in and top down 
-stitch together let rest on seem side down 5 min.
-place in colander with heavily floured towel seem side up 
-let rest in refrigerator over night 
-preheat Dutch oven as hot as possible 
-flour parchment paper circle 
-re-flour dough 
-flip onto parchment and slash top 
-slide into Dutch oven 
-15 minutes with lid on
-35-45 minutes with lid off