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Thai mushroom salad

150 g (5 oz) assorted wild mushrooms
2 tablespoons stock 
pinch of salt 
pinch of white sugar - optional 
3 tablespoons lime juice (you might use less) 
2 tablespoons fish sauce (for veg: substitute a splash of soy sauce)
 large pinch of roasted chili powder 
4 shallots, sliced 
handful of mixed mint and cilantro leaves
2 tablespoons shredded pak chii farang (long-leaf coriander) 
1 tablespoon chopped spring (green) onion 
1 tablespoon ground roasted rice

  • Clean the mushrooms and cut into attractive slices. 
  • Heat stock in a small pan and add sugar and salt (if using). 
  • Add the mushrooms and simmer until cooked - the cooking time varies wildly, depending on the variety: pine mushrooms need to be simmered at least 10 minutes, while the delicate grey ghost mushroom takes mere moments. If using and assortment, add the mushrooms accordingly. 
  • Remove from heat and season with lime juice, fish/(soy) sauce and chili powder; the salad should taste equally hot, sour and salty. 
  • Add shallots, herbs and spring onions. 
  • Serve sprinkled with ground roasted rice.
  • Serve with: 

-a few sprigs of Thai basil -sliced cabbage and cucumber

- From Thai Food by David Thompson (Ten Speed Press, 2002)
- For grocery store mushrooms I find oysters and maitake works best
- You can make roasted rice by toasting uncooked rice and pulverizing it in a coffee grinder, etc.